Trauma And Addiction
A Skills Based Training


This one-day training will explain the link between trauma and addiction.

Almost all of us love or are close to someone that is living with addiction, in fact many of us are experiencing addiction ourselves.

On top of this, we have all experienced some level of trauma where we have had an event that we have given meaning to and that we have felt inescapable from. Throughout our lives we all have unique experiences, those experiences form our map of the world, which doesn’t always match the territory we are navigating. It can be challenging to understand why we and our guests/clients or loved ones behave in certain ways and make the choices that we/they make.

Although we are all very different and our behaviours can be frustrating at times, our responses and behaviours carry important clues about our previous experiences and highlight where we have adapted our behaviour to survive, negate or escape suffering.  Although we are unique, we share common responses/reactions and behave in ways that are patterned, programmed and predictable.

Who Should Attend?

This training is directed at employees within the private, statutory, and voluntary sector which includes but is not restricted to.

  • Key workers
  • Project (Development) workers
  • Counsellors
  • Therapist (Alternative and Holistic)
  • Housing/Homeless services

This training will give attendees a better understanding of how to approach their Guest/Clients who are living with the impact of trauma by broadening their understanding and knowledge of trauma and addiction. Attendees will gain skills to support those living with this life limiting experience, either within their workspace or among friends and family.   

Benefits Of Attending

By the end of the full day participants will

  • Gain a greater connection to self, increasing personal confidence within their practice.
  • Further understand self to improve outcomes for Guest/Client.
  • Feel into reducing Guest/Client resistance.
  • Understand the biology of trauma and the impact on the immune and nervous system.
  • Explore addiction as a solution to a problem, not the actual problem.

Details Of Workshop

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