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" It is my passion and pleasure to use all of my skills and practice to help you on your journey to true health and happiness "

My name is Vivian McKinnon and I am so pleased you are here and invite you to read on. Please feel free to download the free resources. Read the blogs. And consider that I am the person who will support you to grow. Set you free from the past. Improve your life, and potentially the lives of others around you. In my Bio you will read how I have overcome early life adversities, addiction, compromised mental health and all the associated challenges these experiences bring. Similarly, you will read how I utilised these opportunities to grow. And how after I regained my sense of self. I took ME back from the beliefs and programming of the past. My lessons taught me to embrace who I REALLY am.

I used to often wonder how a person can be so successful in life! I would think:
Is it because they have inherited their success?
Is it because of their unique character?
Is it because they are creative and full of ideas?

“I now know it’s because there are certain traits.”

Characteristics and values that we can adopt to be successful and create personal connections. I am now utilising this understanding. And assisting others to use the skills and tools in the life they have. To create the life, they desire.

Since realising and releasing my purpose and potential, I have integrated these qualities into how I serve the people who cross my path.

When you choose to work with me, I will always operate from my top 10 codes of culture and personal rules of… “Being Human.”

Codes of Culture

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I am sincere with myself and follow my values and beliefs. I do not try to be something I am not. I am naturally just myself.

My actions are greater than my words. I do not exaggerate or deceive others.

I let honesty guide me, it inspires me to achieve greater success. I do not deceive or fraud people to get ahead in life.

I am passionate and enthusiastic around all the things I do. With my whole heart I do good for others and the communities I serve.

I totally appreciate, and fully “see” others. I am eternally grateful to those who have taught and teach me about me. Warmth and acceptance radiate from my character.

No matter how successful I become; I am always humble with others. I believe every life matters and every voice creates global coherence.

I am affirmative and hold my ground to stick to what I believe to be right and just. I will not act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain.

It is important to me that I always keep my values intact. I will never trade my moral values for material benefits.

I always show good and fair judgement in life. I treat everyone I encounter with equality and respect.

I understand and deliver on clearly identified purpose and intention You can count on me