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Vivian’s own healing journey

gabor Mate & Vivian
Did you know that stress facilitates us to undergo numerous health problems – not just physiological, psychological, but also interpersonally (Body, Mind, and Spirit). causing wounds in the relationship we have with our self, ultimately the most important relationship we will ever have. Hence why, it is important for our comfort and survival, to alleviate and incorporate healing stress into our life as much as possible. Life gives us experiences; our internal process of selecting and storing these experiences gives us our own personal meaning. When we experience an event that we give personal meaning too and feel vulnerable within. Then If there is an element of inescapability, or the perceived sense of being trapped. Our brain will pay attention too, and “tag” certain components of our experiences to safeguard future encounters. Leaving us vulnerable to hypervigilance, a recognised response to safety seeking.

Our whole lives can potentially be impacted by:

We can then carry that sense of confusion, of chaos inside us every day without ever really understanding what is causing it. I know because I lived like this for almost 4 decades. There was no life raft, no place of safety. The experiences of the past and my decisions about what they meant, were dragging me beneath the surface and continually causing me to feel like I was drowning. I became so detached and distant from who I was. I had spent all my life fitting in yet never felt like I belonged anywhere. From the skin in I was avoiding everything I had experienced by self-soothing using any means possible. I grew up in a household with a parent who was struggling with trauma and using alcohol to cope. Just like the generation before her and the one before that. I experienced childhood abuse and found coping strategies that included substances, and behaviours of avoidance, that ultimately kept me alive. I experienced adulthood through the lens of a frightened child and life had become a heavy mess. A brush with death in 1999 shocked me to sit up and take responsibility for who I had become.
Each method for stress management might not be equally effective for all human beings. That is why I have curiously studied. Researched and practiced with many years of experience using:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Timeline Therapy
(Performance & Emotional)
Auricular Acupuncture

Havening Techniques
Laughter Yoga
KUF (Knowledge & understanding frameworkPersonality disorder)
STORM (Suicide Training on Risk Management)
WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning)
SMART (Self-Management And Recovery Training)

All of this has been with the intention of improving and enhancing my own, and others, Mental Strength.

I have many years of experience. Working with individuals, just like you, to discover their own approach to the healing and growth of their true and authentic self.

It is up to you to learn and grow from the discovery of where your stress causing factors are so you are able to control your internal world.It is acceptable that many times, your remembrance of past events, or current situations are not under your control.

Identifying and releasing these factors can make a huge impact on how you heal.If this sounds like what you are looking for… you are in the right place as it is exactly what I have to offer.

I understand and deliver on clearly identified purpose and intention You can count on me