Roots of Comm "Unity” Dis "Ease” – In person delivery
(Organisations/Community/Voluntary groups)

This programme has been developed to be adaptable to all community and corporate groups and will be made available for delivery through exclusive partnership working with Vivian McKinnon.

This programme can be offered to participants, communities and workplaces where a varying degree of being disconnected and disenfranchised is being felt, either from the participant themselves, the community or the team to engage and bring together all aspects of the group.

The delivery mechanics will achieve this by drawing awareness to how we construct our reality and how it may differ from other people’s resulting in personal/community/workplace challenges.

The programme is a hybrid blend of psychoeducation with therapeutic application inviting each participant into open and engaging thought processes, courageous conversations and empathic holding with self and others to foster compassionate cohesion within and out with the self and group.

The programme is delivered through discussion, videos, group work and case studies to ensure engagement from all learning styles. It will also include group breathwork and mindfulness to introduce the power of self-care

  • Week 1 – Mental Health and Me
  • Week 2 – Substance use and addiction
  • Week 3 – Suicide, self-harm and eating distress
  • Week 4 – Domestic Violence and Coercive Control

At the end of each session there will be an opportunity for questions and further discussion outside the 2 hours (max 30 minutes) to create a scaffold around any burning questions and individuals who are seeking further support or resources

Duration : 10 hours

Investment : £250 each, £2500 (Max 12 participants)

To find out more and receive a call from myself (Vivian) please fill out this contact form, alternatively give me a call on 02895 215 155