Coping with anxiety and learning to manage (CALM)

This course has been developed to address the long-term impact of adversity, mainly anxious responses, and worry.

When we have had an overwhelming experience that we have given meaning too, especially in childhood, we can be left with a legacy of fear and unpredictability.

We can be constantly people pleasing, feeling numb or aggressive and frustrated. Sometimes feeling full of rage or unable to feel anything at all.

These are all natural responses to overwhelming experiences that we store mentally and physically as trauma. In the moment we respond or react in a way that we think keeps us safe and manages the environment we are in, sometimes these responses are based on when they were first used meaning if we developed this response in childhood we are using a pattern or program that worked back then but might not be so helpful now, this doesn’t make it wrong or bad simply a pattern that hasn’t been revisited and brought up to date.

This course addresses worries and fear and looks at how they can be taken out by the root leaving you to cope and manage free from old patterns and programs, this course consists of;

  • Group building and the basics of anxiety management.
  • Introduction to worry and what it looks like.
  • Challenging experimenting and changing beliefs based on evidence.
  • Letting go of worry and learning how to direct a wandering mind.
  • Letting go of worry and accepting uncertainty.
  • Problem solving
  • Self-identification and management
  • Relaxation and Self care
  • Review/Evaluation/Consultation.