Tips For Blue Monday

Well, here we are, the most miserable day of the year allegedly.

I say allegedly as blue Monday was reportedly invented by psychologist Cliff Arnall in 2005 after travel company Sky Travel asked him to come up with a scientific equation to work out when the January blues – the time after the festive season when the weather is miserable, and the days are short – would peak. Factors he looked at to arrive at the exact date included the weather, the distance from Christmas, festive debt and people failing their New Year’s resolutions.

But really it is was all focussed on getting people to wish of better days and visualise the better weather encouraging them to be thinking more about summer time and booking a holiday.

Over the years some of the mental health charities have spoken out to get rid of this day. Calling it blue Monday can be seen as trigger for people who are already living with compromised mental health, leaving them feeling even less hopefully that they may already feel. We all have good days and bad day, and this is not dictated by a calendar date made up to sell holidays.

Monday is generally the day that people may feel a little less energetic or motivated, if this is you ask yourself what’s happening in your life?

  • Are you feeling unfulfilled in life in general?
  • Does your job suck?
  • Are your personal relationships a bit of a struggle?
  • Are you ignoring your own self-care needs?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? Well guess what? You are the only person who can change any of it, yes you! You have the power within your own mind to change your life

Monday can be a great day, new week, new start.

Mondays are full of promise if they are approached through a lens of positivity and opportunity, here’s some tips to get your week off to a great start.

PLAN – Plan your days, write a to-do list and meal plan. Write in something nice each day to your diary or schedule, like a hot bubble bath or a walk along the beach, through the forest or around the park. Get some time outdoors or with people who light you up. Try to stay away from energy vampires or people who ooze toxicity.

BE STILL – Take some time each day to check in with yourself. Find somewhere free from noise or demands, bring your attention to your breath and the gentle movement it creates In your body and just ask yourself .. how are you?

Whenever I do this my answer is usually you need a pee! I have a terrible habit of waiting until I’m bursting, I’m sure its from years and years at school being told “No you cant go to the toilet, you can wait until break time”  .. old habits die hard.

STAY CURIOUS – Never stop asking questions. Look around, how much of what’s around you holds so much of what you don’t know? How does the printer connect to your phone? What are the birds you can hear walking to work each day? What’s hidden in plain sight that you are missing by seeing the world through someone else’s filters. Wake up and feel alive

I love the he Samaritans campaign called where they are encouraging people to reach out and chat over a cuppa with the ones you care about, its hard to beat a good ole chin wag over a cuppa tea.

Anyhow whatever colour your Monday is I’m sending you love and hugs to ease you through the week ahead.


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