Be at your peak each time you speak

Do you have to present in front of people?

Perhaps in front of the class or for work?

Do you dread it?

This training has been designed to look more at the physical and mental aspects of giving a presentation or when speaking publicly.  It can be a daunting task that has the potential to cause undue stress and anxiety.


If you are confident and self-assured when you speak people begin to hear your words rather than being distracted by how you present. The content is not the selling point! People buy people, so if you have a story to tell or some research to share or simply a point to get across this course will guide you to your natural presenter style so you can be at your peak each time you speak meaning people will actually hear what you are saying and warm to you.

There are some simple hacks and great tools to provide you with the courage to speak up, and not just publicly but perhaps to ask for a wage rise or to mediate during a family disagreement.

Almost all of us could do with more courage and confidence when speaking in front of others.

The course is one day (6 hours workshop time, 1.5 hours breaks) and consists of;

  • Welcome and introductions.
  • Communication model- How do you create your reality and reduce anxiety.
  • Body language, Gestures and what they mean.
  • Content, structure, linguistics, and tips to draw from the cloud.
  • Visioning and ‘Flow’
  • Presentations

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