8 Week Challenge

Our First 8-week challenge

Super charge your self-care with our 8-week challenge.

Whether you are looking to boost your creativity and focus, or you live with chronic physical or mental pain, or even experience stress or overwhelm from daily life floatation is the answer to most of our modern living requirements.

You don’t have to be or do anything, just turn up once a week to float, spend 10/15 mins a day with your journal and commit to meeting the very best version of yourself.

No fancy gyms, no on trend eating programmes just a promise to yourself to start the journey back to self.

Floatation involves 25cms of skin temperature water and half a tonne of Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulphate), you simply get into the cabin (7ft high and 6ft by 8ft in diameter) and lie back and breathe.

This amazing environment provides one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating experiences known to man. The research behind floatation includes reducing stress and overwhelm, physical pain, and brain fog and at the same time improving mood, creativity, focus and sleep.

The research also includes improving motivation around addictions, eating distress, and trauma.

All in all, this self-care tool has the power to change your life and the best bit is … it offers you an opportunity to just step away from our modern frenetic living for a while.


Whats Included


1 x 60 Minute Float session every week for 8 weeks (choose your own time)

An 8 Week float success journal to track and monitor your success throughout the experience.

3 Face to Face meet ups

(Sunday 3rd March, Sunday 24thst March, Sunday 28th April) these will be for 90 minutes. (Optional)

1st Meeting 3rd March

First 45 minutes welcome, introductions, and tour of the centre. We will then in the group offer a group grounding and breathwork followed by an

  • Opportunity to learn the history and benefits of floatation.
  • Opportunity to explore how to get the best from your float.
  • Opportunity to connect to others on the challenge and expand your network with likeminded people.

2nd Meeting 24th March

2nd Meeting 24th March – First 45 minutes check in and catch up, next 45 minutes how to get the best from the float and catch up with other participants.

3rd Meeting 28th April

First 45 minutes exploring people’s experience of the challenge – Unearthing personal discoveries.


Further Information

We have 2 cabins so you can take part in this challenge with a friend (accountability partner)

For everyone who *completes the 8 week challenge they will receive a complimentary 60 minute float voucher to do with whatever they like.

*Takes all 8 floats and follows the journal