7DER – 7 Day Emotion Regulator – Online Downloadable

Do you feel like you are currently on a rollercoaster? In the dark by yourself …

Are your emotions becoming more unpredictable and quite troublesome to manage?

This course has been designed with you in mind

Using proven cutting-edge neuroscientific approaches, the 7-day emotion regulator has been designed to enhance and improve emotional balance leading to an emotional reconnection. Providing you with an opportunity to embrace and rediscover your true authentic self.

The 7 day emotion regulator offers a deeper level of balance when followed by a float on the 7th day It has also been developed as an introduction to our Reconnection And Floatation Therapy (RAFT) programme (see more on our website about RAFT and how to book a float www.hydro-ease.co.uk)

In a simple, easy to follow written task and audio recording taking up no more than 10 minutes a day, you can learn to regulate your emotions and create in the moment, rational responses rather than immediate, sometimes irrational, reactions.

On day one we work with anger, day two sadness, day three fear, day four guilt/shame, day five hurt, day six anxiety then day seven we pull it all together and you can choose to integrate the whole thing with a float.

This is a unique, effective and evidence-based approach and a great insight into who you just might be under all the layers of experiences and human programming that has enabled you to experience the roller coaster of emotionally instability.

Duration : 15 mins daily for 7 days

Investment : £125 (£165 with float)